Friday, August 31, 2007

Nothing Going On

I haven't been too busy to post this week or ignoring everybody. There's absolutely nothing going on! Nothing. Not one thing! It's also hot again so that doesn't help at all. Mom has a 3 day weekend and then Dad is off on Sunday and Monday for Labor Day Weekend and I have a feeling Mom will be working on cleaning her car and Dad will be working on the Jeep. Mom got her car title in the mail last week and went and had the title changed over into her married name this week so she decided since the car finally belongs to her, she is going to clean it really good and make it all pretty. I am so glad she didn't have a payment plan on me! I hate getting cleaned, especially really good scrubbings!
I hope you all have a good weekend, espcially if your parents have a 3 day weekend! Hopefully I'll have a fun story to tell you.
If your name isn't Flash, stop reading here.
I hope you are doing okay! I miss you a bunch!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!


The Army of Four said...

We are SO ready for cooler weather! Bring on the SNOW!!!!!!!!
Tail wags,

PreciOus said...

Hi Lady Kaos, It's been pretty boring for me too. Rain too much, no walkies. *Sigh*

Waiting for your fun story. =D


coco said...

sometimes those boring weekends are best cuz the fam gets to hang together! hope you had a nice, relaxing time!! we just laid around-played around home, too. spent lots of time out on our back porch at night with the candles going and mom & dad getting cozy with us under the stars. it was pretty nice, except for the random weird noises out there in the drak that made me have to yell, so i could scare whatever it was off, and everyone could stay safe! mom says i was getting in touch with my "inner wolf."

licks & wiggles, coco

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hope you had a nice weekend

~ Girl girl