Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cranky Mom

Still nothing exciting going on here. Dad is home working on the Jeep again. I dont' think we're going to get to go camping this summer, but hopefully we'll get to go somewhere clse by to play. There's also always snow jeeping this winter!
Mom is in a bad mood this morning. I couldn't even cheer her up and I can always cheer her up. She says it's her job that makes her grumpy. I'm still working on finding her a job that she can do while scratching my ears. I'm not coming up with anything though. Mom gets really excited when she goes to check the mail which worried me. I thought there was another Harry Potter coming because that's how the last one came. Dad keeps telling Mom "You just mailed it 2 days ago!" I had no idea what they were talking about until I heard Mom saying that when it comes she's going to clean her car really good to celebrate. Mom mailed her last payment on her car. She wasn't scheduled to send the last one until November, but Mom and Dad figured things out and mailed the last payment Tuesday. Mom bought her car before she met Dad because her other car died and she was tired of pying for car repairs on cars she hated. That was 5 years ago and Mom is really excited about paying it off. She loves her car (personally I like the Jeeps better)and even though they're talking about buying Mom a Jeep, Mom says she's keeping her car - at least for awhile. Hopefully, it will come soon and then Mom will forget how crappy her job is for awhile.
I'm going to go see how far Dad has gotten. He's supposed to finish the inside today so he can get the transmission ready for Sunday. I can't wait to go on the test drive!


Peanut said...

Maybe they should buy your dad a new jeep to go jeeping in so he won't have to work on that one so much. LOL


Ginger said...

Hi Kaos! Sorry your mom is having such a rotten time with her job - that's hard. My mom thought a long time about quitting before she actually did - says it was one of the most satisfying moments in her life when she told her boss "I quit!" Hey - we're a two-jeep family! Mom has a nice "luxury" jeep - one that's comfy to ride in and has lot's o' bell & whistles. Dad has a big, lifted, rough Rangler. I like em both cause they both take me to good places. Hope your mom gets in a better mood soon. *high fives*


Cubby said...

Congrats to mom! My mom has three more payments on hers - she's jealous!