Monday, August 13, 2007


Sunday was MY day! Saturday Mom and Dad were gone almost all day which wasn't fun, but Sunday Dad finally went back to work and Mom stayed home. I was hoping to get to blog on Sunday since Dad has been hogging the computer while he was home sick all of last week, but Mom hogged it. SHEESH! But, Mom didn't hog it all day, she spent time with me! She played with me and I helped her clean the bathroom andwe made lunch together (I discovered I really don't like cucumbers) and I got tons of ear scratching. Sasha hid almost all day so all attention was on ME! After lunch Mom and I were on the couch watching Scooby-Doo (have I mentioned my Mom is a Scooby freak? Sasha's real name is Sasha-Soo!) and the phone wrang. I thought it was Dad checking in on us, but no it was my Aunt Gillian. I haven't seen her since after my Mom's surgery. Well, she needed a ride into town because she lives in the next town over and doesn't have a vehicle anymore and wanted to know if Mom would come get her. GUESS WHAT! Mom said okay and then she asked if I wanted to go and it's been so long since I've gone anywhere and so I was confused and then Sasha heard and that was when I realized what Mom asked me so I gave her the sad but cute puppy eyes and then Sasha caught on and Mom looked at us and said we could both go so she went and started the car and got it cooled down enough for us and then we went to get in Mom's car. Sasha ran to the truck instead of the car. Mom got mad because Sasha is getting really bad about not listening to Mom. I would have rather gone in the truck or the Jeep, too but I knew that since it was Mom, we were in the car (it's also the one with the best air conditioning so I didn't complain at all). Sasha rode all the way to Aunt Gillian's house on the floor which confused Mom and I. She was mad because Mom told her she had to ride in the back seat. Personally, I prefer the back seat. More room to spread out. It took us about 20 minutes to get to Aunt Gillian's and then when we got there, I didn't get to go see my cousin Bailey, well I go to see her but she didn't come with us and I didn't get to get out because Mom was worried about the traffic. So Aunt Gillian got in the car and we came back to town and then we dropped her off. When Aunt Gillian got in the car, Sasha finally got on the seat but she whined all the way back to town because she wanted to sit in Aunt Gillian's lap, but Mom said she was being a butthead so she had to sit in the back. Mom kept looking in the mirror and telling me what an awesome dog I was being. She said I am the bestest car dog! So we came back home and I took a nap (car rides make me tired). Mom went to pick Dad up from work and I didn't ask to go because I was really tired. Awhile later Mom and Dad were outside doing stuff with gates open which means dogs have to stay inside and the phone wrang and I didn't know who it was because I was outside and Mom answered it in the garage and then Mom came inside and got her purse and went out the back door so I followed her and Sasha doesn't like to go outside unless Dad goes with her so she stayed inside and boy did she regret it. We went out the back said bye to Dad and then Mom said come on Kaos. I got in Mom's car and we went to pick up Aunt Gillian and took her back home! TWO CAR RIDES IN ONE DAY! On the way back home Mom asked if I wanted to sit in front and I didn't, but I think Mom wanted some company in the front so I hopped up front with Mom. Mom told me I was a really good dog and she was very happy she brought me both times for company. The airconditioner was colder up front and it made me sleepy so I curled up on the seat and layed my head on Mom's purse and she petted my head. She asked if I had fun and I gave her the "VERY MUCH! I LOVE YOU MOM!" tail wag. When we got home Sasha was REALLY jealous. Mom said if she wasn't such a butthead she could have gone, too. Mom told her she needs to stop being so stuckup and whiney like ME!
Today, when Mom came home for lunch she got us out some chewies and she gave be a handful instead of jsut my normal one. I hid them throughout the house so that when she gets home I can sit on the couch and chew on them with her and I don't have to worry about Sasha stealing all my chewies. Before Mom left she told me thank you for being such a good dog. OH and this morning the alarm clocks went off and so I got up on the bed on Mom's side and me, Mom and Dad had some major morning cuddles and then Dad told me I was being very good and then he told me thank you for being so calm. Hold on I have to take some breathes before I pass out........okay I'm okay now.
Thank you to everybnody that sent my Dad get better vibes. He has Bronchitas and Sinitus. He's on some medicine and blows his nose a lot. He's doing a little better, but he still isn't feeling very good. He's decided to stop smoking too! He started taking some other drug that some coworkers told him about and hopefully that will work. He's really excited about stopping, but that is going to mess up our nightly routine! I hope he still comes outside with us when it's time to go potty at night! I didn't think of that part! Oh well, as long as he's feeling better and heathy. Dad told me that with the money he'll save from not buying cigarettes he can afford to do more cool stuff to the Jeep and buy me more stuff! WOOHOOO!!!!!!
Okay, I am really tired now and it's really hot again so I'm going to go take a nap now. Hope all of you had a great weekend, too!


Ferndoggle said...

I LOVE car rides! I'm the best behaved of all the dogs so I get to go on lots of them. I also like the special alone time with Mom.

Sounds like a great day Kaos!


fig said...

Oh my gosh Kaos!!! You're going to have to sleep for a WEEK to rest up from all that excitement!!!

Tadpole said...

I don't really like car rides, but it sounds like you had two really GOOD ones!

I'm glad your dad is feeling better... and good luck to him on quitting!

Luckie Girl said...

FUN FUN FUN! You are so lucky to get TWO car rides in a day. Oh my DOG, that could be my whole month's quota. LOL!
My mom has sinus too...and she's always sniffing like some druggie.

The Army of Four said...

I love car rides, too! Wow, Kaos. You're kind of a Chatty Cathy when you get all excited like my sister Amber! Ha roo roo roo! I love her, though.
Play bows,

Grammie said...

That sounds like the best day. I hope Flash likes riding in the car when they come to our house. It's going to be a long ride.
Peanut and Flash's Grammie