Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Sorta-Sister Dory

I'm sure a lot of you know Dory. This is my most favorite picture of her. Dory is my sorta-sister because we are so much a like. Those of you that know Dory know about all of her cool collars that she has. On her collar in this picture you can see sailboats.

Well, yesterday a package came and you'll never guess what was in it! A cool collar from Dory! There are no pictures of the opening of the package because Mom forgot her memory card was in her bag because she had gotten the pictures off from what I was originally going to post today (check back tomorrow for those, this story is much more exciting) and not in her camera. Anyway, once I saw that it was a collar and that it was camo I went crazy!!! Look at how cool it is (also no up close pictures of it off of me for the same reason and then after it was on me, I wouldn't let Mom take it off)! It's my most favorite color in the entire world! Camo green! There's black paw prints and black labs on it, too! Mom kept the tag so I could tell you where it is from but of course she didn't put it in a spot I could find it, but I'm sure Dory can tell us where it's from. Mom started adjusting it and it took her forever and ever to get it the right size. I was actually kind of insulted that she started off so huge! She finally got it on me and then I wouldn't let her take it off. The inside if the collar is so nice and soft against my fur and there's not that big long tail flapping around like on my old collar. See how happy I am in my brand new collar! I'm stylin' just like Dory! When Dad finally got home last night, he put my tags on my new collar and messed with the size a little more and I was extremly hyper for the rest of the night. Sasha was so jealous of me!! I loved it! I can't wait to show everybody else I know. Grandma is supposed to come by this week sometime to borrow the computer and I can't wait to show her my wonderful new color. Later last night I got a crazy feeling and started rolling all over the living room floor and doing zoomies from the dining room into the living room and back. Mom thought maybe Dad got my new collar too tight and there was not enough oxygen getting to my brain and that was causing my craziness, but nope, it was happy craziness because I love my new collar so much! It's the bestest ever! Dad said it's a little dangerous in the dark though. When we went outside he couldn't see me. Mom said we'll get me an orange hunting vest to wear outside in the dark. They're crazy!
I love my new collar a bunch!!! Thank you so much Dory for it. It's perfect! Thank you to Dory's Mom, Liza and Dory's brother, Mac, too. I LOVE YOU GUYS A BUNCH!!!!!
School started today and it's almost time for school to get out so I have to go make sure none of those kids cross the street and come into my yard. Living across the street from a school takes a lot of gueard duty. Check back tomorrow for the funny pictures.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Dory sure is nice to send you the gift. You 2 make a cute pair of sistas. :)

~ Girl girl

Peanut said...

A beautiful collar for a beautiful girl

Love Flash

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Kaos,
That collar looks really fetching on you. No wonder you got soo hyped!!

Dory and Liza said...

Kaos -

We are so happy you liked the collar. It came from "The Black Dog" which is a store out on Martha's Vineyard and sells stuff with our pictures on it. Can you belive it - a store full of us!!!We didn't actually get to go this time, Mom ordered it from my pawputer on line. We knew you loved camo and mom and I are shopping fools. ANyhow - we are sorry not to write sooner, things have been a little crazy around here.

Love to you and your family - Dory