Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sasha's Grounded!

I have never seen Mom so mad at Sasha before. Mom got Sasha before she met Dad so Mom and Sasha have a special bond and Mom babies her quit a bit. Well, Mom still hasn't been feeling great so she slept in all 3 days she was off. Saturday morning we were all up in the bed with her and the night before she had brought one of her new blankets to bed with her because she was really cold. We weren't paying attention to what Sasha was doing, but Mom sort of woke up and her Sasha making weird noises. Mom just thought Sasha was licking the blanket so she balled it up and then layed on it. Well, when she was ready to get up, she sat up and there was stuffing coming out of the blanket. She had chewed holes in Mom's new blanket and Mom was mad! Mom hopped out of bed and yelled for Sasha to kennel up. I didn't know what was going on I just heard Mom yelling kennel up so I ran to the kennel. Mom finally got ahold of Sasha and put her in the little carrier thing and then turned to look at me in the kennel and laughed. Mom said, "Kaos you goofy dog, you're being good out out of that kennel." That's when I realized I wasn't in trouble, Sasha was! I decided I wanted to go outside so Mom let me out. It was kind of boring being outside all by myself so I didn't stay out very long. Mom layed on the couch for awhile and then finally let Sasha out. Mom said Sasha had to be in the kennel anytime we were left home alone that day (which wasn't very much) and she's grounded from being on the bed for a week!!! That's what's killing Sasha. She loves to be on the bed. Mom moved the bench even so Sasha can't get up by herself! Later in the afternoon, Mom finally let Sasha cuddle up with her on the couch and Sasha has been giving her sorry eyes since then.
Sunday Mom was finally feeling pretty good so she was doing laundry and stuff like that. Once in awhile she would yell there's birds in the yard again and Sasha and I would go running to the back door and Mom would let us out and we would go running out and scare the birds away. I even would sit in the computer room where I could see out into the backyard and then let Mom know that we needed to go chase the birds out of the yard. Dad put grass seed out when he was off the other day so hopefully we'll have grass and the birds keep coming and trying to eat our seed. It's weird though because they're going to the backyard even though they know we're going to chase them out. The know we're not in the front yard! I think the birds in our neighborhood must be really dumb.
Speaking of birds!! I heard Mom and Dad talking and it looks like the next pheasant trip is in a couple of weeks! I can't wait. I think they've forgotten about my boots too because I haven't had to wear them for a few weeks now. Dad said though that this next trip, I'll have to stay at the house a lot because the coyotes are really bad out there and so the people want Dad to get rid of some of the coyotes too if he can. The number of pheasants on the property has gone down too (not because of Dad and I, we've only gotten 1 bird) so if Dad gets rid of some of the coyotes, then there will be more birds for us. The coyotes are getting the chickens and the cats too. They also used to have this big black dog (he was funny) and he's been missing for a year now and they'r pretty sure the coyotes got him because he liked to go rabbit hunting out where the coyotes are. The people also said that they're making their holes where they hide to keep warm up near the house and that makes them nervouse too. Sasha can't go outside by herslef anymore because Mom worries about her. One time when we were there Sasha was outside by herself and a coyote ran through the yard and Mom freaked out. (See what I mean about there being a bond and Sasha being babied?) So now either Mom or Dad has to come outside with us when we go outside which is okay, but we don't get to just go out and sniff all the different smells that are out there. I can't wait to go hunting again!
This is a really long post so I better stop now. I hope everybody had a good New Year's. Mom and Dad stayed out too late and Sasha, Gunnar and I slept so it wasn't that big of a deal for us. Both Mom and Dad were home yesterday though and only left a couple times to go grocery shopping and to go see Aunt Gillian and my cousins for a little bit. (Mom wanted to meet the new cousins first to make sure they were going to be okay with me. I miss playing with Bailey and Mom said Bruitis and Dakota should be okay with me too. I can't wait to go meet them!!)
Okay, now I'm really going to stop typing. I just get soooooooo excited though and want to tell all of you about it all, I can't stop. I'm going to try to remember to tell you about some of the blogs I read again this week as long as nothing else exciting happens. OH I need to go read those now! Gotta go!

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