Friday, December 29, 2006

Lots Of Snow

Ther's lots and lots and lots of snow outside. Dad went out to the front yard for awhile so I thought I'd tell you about the snow. It's a wet snow Dad says. He's outside trying to make the bushes stand up again. They're usually very tall bushes and now they're really short and laying across the walkway to Mom's car. Dad took Mom to work today because she got stuck in her parking lot trying to leave work last night. Poor Mom needs a Jeep then she wouldn't have those kinds of problems! She likes her little Kia though, until she's stuck in the snow.
Yesterday when Mom was home for lunch and then after work Mom teased me. When we went outside those 2 times it was snowing outside and the snowflakes were really huge. They were sticking to me pretty good. Both times when Mom let me in she said "You're a white dog! Where's my black dog! I don't have a bit white dog, I have a big black dog!" By then the snow would be melted or I would have wagged my tail so hard it came off and then she would say, "OH it is my big black dog. She's just covered in snow!" Crazy Mom!!!
I love to run in the snow all over my yard. It's fun to run in the new snow that nobody else has run in yet. I'm the only one in my yard running in the new snow (Sasha follows my path because she's so short) so I get to have lots of fun. Mom and Dad say I'm hilarious to watch run around in the snow.
It sounds like Dad is almost done so I'm going to go watch for him so I can go outside with him. Have a good weekend everybody! I won't post again until Tuesday since Mom will be off work for 3 days. I think she's going to hog the computer or make the room stinky with her paints. She really wants to use her new easel that Dad got her for Christmas.
Happy New Year!

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pkelley said...

I have a dog that looks just like that one. Exactly.