Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Know What I'm Getting For Christmas!

I KNOW WHAT SASHA AND I ARE GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! NEW BONES!!!! I'm so excited. We only have 1 bone left from last year and it's okay, but there's no flavor to it anymore and there's no more of that stuff in the middle of it. Mom went to the store last night and when she came in the house I knew! I knew before shewas in the door! I could smell them! Mom said I was a freak because it was in the plastic grocery bag and then they were wrapped in plastic. I could smell them though and I kept licking my lips. They were on the table for a long time, but then Dad took us outside and we came back in and they were moved. I'll find them though. They think they're sneaky, but I'll find them. It seems like forever until Christmas!!! Mom said we can have them Christmas Eve, which is the day before, but it still seems like a long time away! I'm going to be extra special good now that I know what I'm getting!