Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Cookies

Mom made Christmas cookies last night so sasha and I helped! Mom is very messy, especially with those colored sugar sprinkle things so Sasha and I kept the floor clean so Mom didn't slip on the sugar and fall. Mom was upset with the cookies because they were all crunchy instead of soft like usually. I think they taste fine though.
We also found out that my friend Korra might be coming to stay with us for the weekend for Christmas. Mom said that means we can't have our Christmas presant until after she leaves though so there's no fighting over it. That's okay, Korra's family will come get her the night of Christmas so we can have them then. I still haven't figured out where they hid them. Mom lighting her candles that smell like cookies and then making cookies last night didn't help at all. All the smells got mixed up and I couldn't focus on the smell of the bones. I'll find them though. I should go sniff for them now since nobody is home.