Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Dad is going to go pick up Korra after work tonight and then Korra and I are going to play and have fun until Monday when her Dad comes to get her and then I get my bone! I'm still trying to find it, but Mom and Dad are very tricky. Dad was off yesterday and I tried to get him to tell me where it was, but he wouldn't so I followed him around all day trying to see if he might accidently sow it to me. It didn't happen though. Once in awhile I go up to the stocking around the fireplace and sniff to see if I they're n the stockings yet. So far they aren't there yet. Mom sais we'll get them as soon as Korra leves Monday night.
I'm going to go make sure everything is ready for Korra. I have to maek sure the guest food dish is in the right spot and the spot where her bed is going to be is already for her bed and I have to make sure there's enough chewies for all of us and anything else I can think of.
Have a Merry Christmas everybody!