Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This Week's Almost Over!

I'm very sorry I haven't posted yet this week! I can't believe it's already Wednesday and I haven't posted. I really don't have a good excuse either. Monday I was really tired because I spent 4 days home with Dad. I really like when he has that many days off like that. Aunt Gillina is also moving back to town. I'm excited to get to play with Bailey again and to meet my cousins Bruitis and Dakota. Mom said we have to wait until they're into their other house first. It sounds like there's a lot of space to play at their new house. Aunt Cassie is also getting ready to move into her new place, too. Mom and Dad are going to help her go get her stuff this weekend. I'm not sure who's going to take care of us this weekend though. Hopefully someone really fun.
I'm gettng a little worried about Christmas, too. Today's the 13th and there aren't very many presants under the tree. There's a couple and they don't have any of our names on them. I know they usually put our presants in our stockings so we can't get to them, but they don't look like they have anything in them either. I know there's a few things on the table that need to be wrapped, but I think those have to be shipped to the nieces and nephew in Wyoming and California so those won't even go under the tree! Hopefull something goes under the tree soon!