Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mom's Worried

Mom and Dad leave tomorrow to help Aunt Cassie move and Mom is very worried about us. We'll be okay and they're coming home Saturday afternoon. Mom worries way too much. Grandma will take good care of us. I am a little bummed that we don't get to go since they're going to Wray, but they're going to be busy and everything is going to be a little crazy so it's probably better that we aren't there in the way and stuff. Poor Mom.
Gunnar keeps jumping up on the dining room table and getting in trouble. He says he knows the presants are up there and is trying to find out what they got him. I keep trying to tell him that they haven't gotten our gifts yet and even if they have, they aren't going to leave them on the table. The ones that are on the table are for the nieces and nephew that don't live close. He doesn't believe me though. When Mom and Dad see he's been on the table, they make him spend time in the kennel. You'd think that he'd figure out that if he was good, he wouldn't be put in the kennel. This just proves my point that Gunnar isn't very smart, no matter what Mom and Dad say. I better go make sure he's not up on the table right now. Bye!