Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Not Much Going On

There's not much going on today. The snow is starting to melt which means the backyard is really muddy which means I have to wipe my feet off before I come inside. I home Mom and Dad can gt grass to grow in the backyard this year because the mud really annoys me. They tried last year, but the backyard just didn't want to cooperate. Neither did the front yard though. I like going to visit people with grass yards. I roll and roll and play and sleep. Mom takes us to the park down the street once in awhile to play in the grass, too. I get distracted by the tennis balls though. Mom says the people playing with the tennis balls in the big fenced area aren't going to share their tennis balls and they're practicing. They have tons of them though. I'm sure they wouldn't miss one.
Mom hung a thing in the window at lunch that I'm not sure I like. It's a snowman that waves all the time. It's solar powered and I will admit it is cute, but it's in the window I use for guard duty and it looks like a shadow. I may have to convince Mom to move it to a different window.
I'm going to go take a nap now before Dad comes home for lunch.