Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! I hope all of you did, too.

First, here's a picture of me and my friend Korra. Mom didn't take many pictures of us because Korra was afraid of the camera. I tried to explain to her that the camera is okay and if it was pointed at you that probably meant you were doing something cute or funny. She didn't care though. I guess it was the flash she didn't like. We still had a lot of fun together though. We played and played and played. Dad brought her home Friday night and we played awhile and then we drove Mom crazy Saturday while Dad was at work. Friday night we had eaten all the chewies so Mom went to buy us some more because chewies made us quiet. I like chewies a lot, but Korra is crazy about them! She coudl eat an entire one in about 2 minutes. I felt bad for her not having a chewie after she finished hers and Sasha and I still had one so I gave her my chewie and then I'd go steal Sasha's. Sunday Mom and Dad did some cleaning around the house and so we played and took naps. That night Mom and Dad made some very good smelling food (that's when Mom took the picture of us) and we really wanted to be in the kitchen in case they dropped stuff but we were in the way so we blocked the path from the kitchen to the dining room. They ate and shared a little with us and then they opened gifts. I got Mom a new pair of pants she really wanted and I got Dad a cough muffler thing for hunting. Gunnar got Mom a fuzzy blanket that she loves and he got Dad some candy bars. Sasha got Mom some new underwear (she has a thing about eating Mom's underwear) and then she said she got Dad some CD's, but the snow that hit all of Colorado but us kept the mail from delivering on time so hopefully Dad will be getting the CD's today. Then Mom got Dad a gift certificate to one of the hunting magazine places he buys stuff from. The mail also didn't get the gift certificate here on time so Mom wrapped her e-mail confirmation. Silly Mom! Mom got Dad an easel to work on her art work. It's really pretty and they spent a long time putting it together. Mom's very excited about it. Hopefully Dad's other stuff gets here soon.

Monday, Grandma came over. She wasn't feeling very good though. She brought gifts for Sasha, me and Gunnar. As soon as she put them under the tree I knew exactly which one was myne. I could smell the rope and kept nosing it. FINALLY they let us open them and I GOT A NEW ROPE!!!! Sasha got a squeeky toy that I played with a little too and then she wripped it apart and Gunnar got a ball with a jingle ball inside that I played with too. Gunnar was too nervous having Korra there and extra people. I loved all the toys Grandma brought, but my rope is my favorite!

Korra's Mom and Dad came to get her later and then Mom finally got our gift out. It was under the kitchen sink!!! Tricky Mom and Dad!! Here are the pictures of us and our gifts. Sasha and I love our bones. We share them because there are parts that we can get to better because of our sizes. We loved the bones so much we didn't even get in bed with Mom this morning for our morning cuddle, we went straight to the bones. Poor Mom.

Gunnar got a ball thing with a feather thing on top and it spins around for him to batt at the feathers. He likes it a lot too but Mom REALLY needs to trim his claws because while Dad was winding the ball, Gunnar was trying to get the feathers. Mom said she's going to put a bell on it to make it even funner for Gunnar because Gunnar loves bells. I tried playng with it too, but it was weird and I decided my bone was much better.
I'm going to go check out some of the other animal blogs I like to read to see how their Christmases were. I'll start telling you about more of them later. After some blog reading it's back to the bone!