Thursday, January 18, 2007

Getting Warm

It's finally getting warm enough to play outside. Sasha and I have beene going outside as much as possible and staying out as much as possible before it gets so warm that all the snow melts and there's nothing but yucky mud in the back yard.
Last night Mom and Dad were playing with the walkie talkies and Mom left one in the living room where I was and went into the other room where Dad was so he could show her something on the internet. Dad decided to try to play a trick on me by talking to me on the radio. I was ignoring him until he whistled and then I guess I made a funny face when I looked at the walkie talkie. I decided to show him I wasn't falling for his tricks so I went running into the room where they were and told Dad I was too smart for him.
This morning there were a bunch of trucks trying to clean up all the snow in the middle of the road before school started. I guess they got tired of the snow being piled in the middle of the road, I know Mom and Dad were getting tired of it. But why did they have to start working on it at 5 AM? Don't they know some of us are trying to sleep that early. It's still dark outside!!! I got up in the bed and cuddled with Mom and Dad because it woke them up to and then Sasha came up and so did Gunnar. We really didn't sleep much though because the trucks and loaders were being so noisy with the beeping and banging noises. They got most of the snow, but they couldn't get all the ice up. The ground is too cold for the snow to melt very fast and it's making a lot of ice on the streets and other places. Sasha really hates the ice. Dad laughs at her when her back end goes in the opposite direction from her front end.
I'm going to go take a nap now before Mom gets home from work. We'll be able to go outside and play for awhile again before it gets cold.

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