Friday, January 05, 2007

More Snow

It's snowing again. It's nice because that means I can play in the yard again. The other snow was starting to melt and the back yard was all muddy. I really hope the grass seeds start growing grass so I don't have to worry about mud anymore.
Sasha is REALLY wanting to get abck on the bed. She was jumping really hard last night trying to get up. Dad told her that if she jumped up there on her own, then she could stay. She didn't though and then whined about it. It's really not that hard to get up there. Mom told her this morning that tomorrow she's not grounded anymore and then she can get back on the bed. I bet she doesn't chew up anything of Mom's again! I think not being allowed on the bed is a bigger punishement than having to stay in the kennel thing when Mom and Dad leave the house. I would much rather stay in the kennel all day long than not be able to have my morning cuddle with Mom or even my night cuddle!
Last night Mom was feeling pretty down. I guess there's some stuff going on at work that is stressing her out big time. She went and layed on the bed with Gunnar and since Gunnar isn't a cuddler like I am, he left her all alone on the bed. I couldn't believe he could do that to poor Mom. I went outside for the last time with Dad and then went into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed but Dad made me get down because my feet were dirty. BUT I couldn't just let Mom lay on the bed all by herself when she was that sad so I jumped back on the bed and curled up in Mom's arms and then gave a look to Dad that said "I'm not getting down." He laughed at me and said "stay on the comforter then." You can't set rules to a "Make You Feel Better Cuddle" but I stayed on the comforter anyway, but so did Mom so it was okay. I usually do anyway because I don't like having the blanket on top of me like Sasha does, so really it wasn't that big of a deal. I got up a little early and jumped up beside Mom for an early mornign cuddle, too. I knew she needed it. Poor Mom. I hope things get better for her soon because I like playing more than I like making people feel better. First she had the flu and now she's sad. Good thing she has me to help her out. Dad's good, too, but Mom says I'm the bestest cuddler ever! I'll curl up on the coach with her when she's not feeling good and she'll use me as a pillow and we'll sleep like that for about an hour. After an hour I need to get up and stretch though.
I'll let you know how Mom's doing on Monday. Dad's home this weekend so we're going to try have a really fun weekend and try to make her feel better.

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