Monday, April 23, 2007


I love lots of people, but the people across the alley make my hair stand up straight!!!! I LOVE kids, but the kids across the alley make me want to bite someone! They broke up concrete in their backyard and then the stupid kids started throwing pieces of it at Sasha and I. Then they wonder why we always bark at them!!! Every month they have a new dog and then all of a sudden the dog is gone. Mom and Dad haven't seen them throw stuff at us, but they do, they better watch out! Mom isn't a mean lady until somone threatens her babies! If you want to see fire shoot out of Dad's ears and nose, be mean to us and you'll definately see lots of fire.
The neighbirs next door are getting rid of their dogs. It's sad, but at the same time they never pay with the dogs. The dacshund that played fetch is already gone. The dacshund that growls at everybody (including his family) and the annoying beagle are still there, but are going to leave soon. The neighbors like playing with me and I've figured out this cool way to play fetch across the fence. Once all the dogs are gone, the adults said I get all the toys that the dogs never played with. WOOHOO!! The beagle used to be fun to play with, but he started getting on my nerves when he started jumping fences and howling and barking at 1:00 am (I don't like to be woken up at night). After that, I didn't like playing with him anymore. He also has to hump everything!!! It's really annoying! The kids at that house are good. They play fetch with me and scratch my ears and aren't mean or crazy.
Friday while Dad was doing some stuff, the good neighbor adults played fetch with me and then they played with me again Saturday morning because Mom still wasn't feeling good. She feels better now so hopefully by this weekend she'll play fetch with me. She wants to work in her garden really bad which means she'll be outside with a hose!!!!!! The plants are growing inside and Mom and Dad are working on getting the corner that they will eventually get planted in. Mom's excited because she really wants fresh tomoatoes this summer and watermelon. Sasha LOVES watermelon so she's excited, too. I think it's okay, but it takes a long time for Mom to get it ready for us because she has to cut it up and take the seeds out. Sasha likes watermelon almost as much as cheese!
This is a long post about silly stuff so I'm going to stop now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more exciting to post about. Right now everything is pretty boring with Mom being sick.
Hope everybody had a good weekend!


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Kaos,
Those neighbors of yours seem very mean!! I wish they leash their kids up...ARGH!!
I think it's a good idea to work on Mr Brown Bear's butt too but he doesn't have a tail so yeah...nothing much for me to chew on.

Tadpole said...

How sad that they keep getting rid of their doggies.... I wouldn't like them either.