Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Hobby

Mom told me last night I needed a new hobby. I think she's the one that needs to make throwing my rope a hobby! I love playing fetch! Mom says it's annoying and after awhile it's gross. It's sooooooo much fun though! I can play fetch for hours! I let Mom and Dad take turns throwing my rope so it's not like one has to do all the work!
Later on, I curled up with Mom. She was cold (like always) and the curve in her legs made a nice comfy place to snooze. Mom scratched my ears and rubbed my nose (that always makes me go to sleep). Mom said something about how cudley and lovey I am now. June will be my 2nd anniversary of being with Mom and Dad and they always talk about how different I am now. Grandma does the same thing. Grandma says my name Kaos doesn't fit anymore (Mom says it does, just not all day every day anymore). Mom says she loves how I'll curl up and cuddle with her on the coach now. We take long naps with her sleeping on me or me curled up near her. She says I'm such a good cuddler that she's thinking about making Dad sleep on the floor and I'll take his place on the bed. I don't think that will really happen though, but I notice when Mom says that, Dad cuddles more.
I also heard Mom and Dad talking about a week long vacation to Wray in July. I didn't hear a lot of the details and it sort of sounds like there aren't many details anyway, but I know that's where Grandma Cheese lives and that's where I go pheasant hunting. I don't think we can go pheasant hunting though, but I'm sure I'll be able to chase the rabbits named Jack. It sounds like we're going to go visit someone Mom hasn't seen in a really long time. I think she was saying it was her grandma and she hasn't seen her in about 15 years. Can you imagine not seeing your grandma for that long? I LOVE when I go see my grandma or when she comes to see me. There aren't many plans for the trip yet, but it sounds like the plans that are there include Sasha and I!!
I'm going to go practice my cute Schmakos face. Mom is such a sucker for that face and it always gets me Schmakos. OH! Mom found a Schamkos coupon in her purse! She said it has to be used by next month. No problem! She should clean out her purse more often!


Ferndoggle said...

Snuggling with your people is the best! I love to lay in the same spot (my Dad calls it his "Knee Crook") and put my jowly lips on his legs & drool on them while I snore. What a great way to snooze.

Lola the little white Boxer

Tadpole said...

Cuddling is my FAVORITEST! So exciting that you get to go on vacation with the family!!

Luckie the Dachie said...

I love to cuddle with Mom too especially when she's sitting on the floor with her legs folded. I'll bring my toy or my rawhide and put it on her knee and start chewing on them.
I hope your hoomans plan your trip soon - i bet it's going to be lotsa fun!!

Peanut said...

I love to cuddle with my mom but my favorite place to lay is right on top of her feet. Then she has to kick them out from under me and uses me as a foot rest.