Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mom Needs A New Job!

Does anybody know of a job that Mom could do from home? She got promoted a few months ago and she's always tired and she says her pay didn't improve very much. They didn't replace her position so she's doing 2 jobs and is having a hard time keeping up. Sometimes she doesn't come home for lunch to see us and when she gets home, she's too tired to come outside and play with us. I think she needs to find a job that she can stay home with us all day. I'm going to do some research for her and find something. She's no fun when she's tired and it disrupts our routine when she doesn't come home for lunch! Do any of your Mom's work from home? She needs to make enough money to keep spoiling us though. If she can't afford Schmakoes and chewies then that won't work! That made me drool on the keyboard. oops! I'm going to go find a chewie now and hopefully Mom will come home for lunch even though she said she probably won't.


PiratesGrrl said...

Hmm, if it's cutting into your quality time then she definitely needs a new job! Maybe even one you can go with her to!

The Brat Pack

Peanut said...

Well my mom doesn't have a job except taking care of us and our human kids. I hope your mom finds something she likes that lets you keep your treats and have more time with you.

Luckie the Dachie said...

My hoomans work really long hours too so I've learnt to self-entertain and make full use of their time at home with me. Mom says they need to work else I won't have any greenies and treats...they can't afford me. Sheesh, as if I eat that much!