Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Name

There's a lot of dogs out there telling how they got their name so I decided to tell my story, too.
When my Mom, Dad and Aunt Cassie came to the rescue place and picked me out, my name was Shananae and they called me Naenae for short. Needless to say I hated that name!! When I first came home I was still in my nervous around men stage so Mom was the one that had to call for me and she tried not to use my name because they knew they were going to change it. When she did use it, I really didn't answer to it because I really hated it!! (Sorry if there's anybody out there with that name.) Mom said it also didn't fit me.
So since Mom named Gunnar (Sasha was named before my Mom got custody of her), it was Dad's turn to name me. I was VERY chaotic the first few days so Dad decided Chaos was a good name. Dad's name is Kris with a K instead of Ch so they decided I would be Kaos instead of Chaos. After a few days I started to show my sweet side so they added Lady to the front of it so that it didn't sound so........chaotic. Mom thinks it's funny saying "Good Kaos" or "Silly Kaos." She doesn't seem to think it's funny to say "Bad Kaos" though.
That's how I became Lady Kaos. I kind of like that it's unique, but I also think my parents are weird. When they finally get me some kids to play with, I hope they don't name them weird names, too. Sasha's middle name is Doo because Mom is a Scooby Doo freak.
I'm going to go watch the people across the alley. I don't like them and they've been doing a lot of stuff in their back yard and I need to make sure they don't get too close to my back yard.


Tadpole said...

I love the name Chaos for a dog, and with a K it's even better! Perfect for you! :-)

I don't like my neighbors either. Except Neighbor Boy. I try to run into his apartment when he goes in or out and that embarrasses Massah.... Keep your eye on that backyard of yous!!

Luckie the Dachie said...

I like your name too Kaos. :) The Lady in front of Kaos definately suits you to a T.

Peanut said...

Lady is definetly you. I guess you have to live with the Kaos. Keep a close eye on those neighbors. They can be tricky.