Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cheese Radar

Do any of you out there have a special radar for anything? My sister Sasha has a freakishly strong Cheese Radar. She can be asleep in the bedroom and hear Dad open a cheese rapper out on the back porch at the barbeque. She also knows the shredded cheese bag sound and the sound of a block of cheese wrapper. When she was having her hip problem, she still waddled into the kitchen when she heard the cheese wrapper (she was hoping for magic cheese though). Last summer we went to Wray and Sasha, Mom and I were out in the yard behind the house playing and all of a sudden Sasha REALLY wanted to go inside. Mom brought us in and Grandma Cheese (that's her new nickname because she gives us cheese all the time) was getting Cheese out for sandwiches for lunch! Mom was a little freaked out that she heard the cheese from the back yard.
My cat brother Gunnar has a same radar for BBQ flavored chips. Gunnar doesn't usually have much to do with human food unless it's a BBQ flavored chip, then watch out! When Mom and Dad make fish he's usually right there begging for some, but he's not allowed to have fish cuz it doesn't agree with him at all!!!! Mom and Dad have to get a special kind of dry food that doesn't have fish in it or we all suffer BADLY!!
Mom says I have a Jeep radar. Whenever I hear a Jeep running in the driveway I want to be out in the Jeep going wherever it's going. I don't care who's Jeep it is and if it's just going around to the alley to pull in the back yard, I MUST be in it. Otherwise I whine and drive Mom crazy (which is usually what happens). It can be one of the quiet Jeeps and I'll still hear it.
My Jeep Radar and Gunnar's BBQ chip Radar is nothing compared to the Cheese Radar of Sasha. Maybe it's because she's older than us and has more experience. Whatever the reason, I agree with Mom and Dad when they call her a cheese freak. By the way, the rabbit in the picture with Sasha no longer has a tail or butt stuffing as of last night.
Do any of you have weird radars and are they as freakish as Sasha's? I'm kind of curious how weird we really are. Mom and Dad say we're weird all the time. I say we learned from them though.


Luckie the Dachie said...

Gee, I don't have a very strong radar yet..hmm..oh wait!! I know now, it's eggs!! I get very excited when I see Mom with an egg cos she usually boils it and I get hard boiled egg with my kibbles.
I haven't had cheese before cos Mom doesn't know what type of cheese is safe for me. I'll like to see more pics of Sasha simply cos she's a daschie too. :)

Tadpole said...

Well my girl says I'm very weird, so I don't know if I'm the right person to judge YOUR weirdness off of, but I have a incredibly strong radar for the refrigerator door. I have to have carrots for my treats, and they are kept in the fridge, so every time I hear it open I am THERE! Jumping up and down impatiently. :-)

Peanut said...

I have a butter radar. I can sense that stuff from miles away. I love butter but mom says it isn't good for me. Whatever. Hey my mom has a jeep (it's a liberty). She says she would let you ride in it anytime