Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This Week Isn't Much Better

I'm still going to Grandma's every day because of my food. Dad says it looks really good and there's a scab forming that is really good. He thinks after this week is over I don't have to go to grandma's anymore. I like going to Grandma's, but I'm kind of getting tired of it. It is much better than going with Mom to work though. That was really boring.
Mom and Dad are also getting ready for the trip. I'm still upset I can't go. I REALLY wanted to go! Grandma and Aunt Nikki are going to take care of us while Mom and Dad are gone. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with them and Sasha might get to come to Grandma's during the day with me. That will be nice to have someone to play with.
It sounds like Mom's coming back inside so I better go. They let me keep the bandage off for a little while to let it air out, but that means I can't go outside. It's nice not having the bandage on, but it's even nicer to be outside with Dad.