Friday, November 23, 2007


Hey everybody! I'm back!!! I think. I've been REALLY busy. Mom has been going through some stuff with the mean lady that she used to call mom and with Aunt Cassie. Let's just say they're both mean to Mom and I'm not going to let either of them near my Mom ever again. This could mean no more pheasant hunting trips to Grandma and Grandpa Cheese's though, but I'm wiling to give those up if it's not good for Mom.
Anyway, yesterday was Thanksgiving and I have decided Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday ever!!! We spent all day at Grandma's house!! It was great!!! Then they made some food and we got some turkey!! It was very very yummy. THEN they started eating pie and Mom put whipped cream on our noses! I LOVE Whipped Cream Noses!!! Sasha and I played all day long. Grandma realized why Mom says it is illegal to buy is squeek toys. Grandma said she's going to buy some quiet toys for days we're there all day like that. It was so much fun! Finally I couldn't move anymore so Sasha and I plopped in the middle of the floor for a quick nap. Mom's batteries in her camera all died, not because she didn't charge them, because she wore them out! She's recharged those batteries so much they no longer work. She said the same thing happened to her batteries at work and they were about the same age as her camera at home. Mom is hard on cmera batteries! When we came home, Sasha went and curled up in my new bed and I curled up on the couch with Mom and Dad. Aunt Gillian came by for leftovers and we got some more turkey and then we went back to sleep. When it was finally time for bed, I didn't warm up Mom's spot first like I always do, I went straight to my bed and when Dad took the trash out, I made him go by himself. I felt bad, but he understood. Sasha and I have been sleeping all day. Gunnar didn't go to Grandma's yesterday and I seriously think he needs to rethink his feelings about going on car rides. Grandma's house has fun toys, a HUGE yard with grass and there's yummy food there, too. I LOVE Grandma's house!!!!
I'm going to go take another nap now. I promise I'll have some cool pictures of that adventure on soon and I'm going to be posting more now, too. I have some other cool stuff to share with all of you, too! I'm going to be working on getting caught up on everybody's blogs, too. If there is anything really important or exciting I should know about, post a comment to let me know. I've missed all of you A LOT!!!
Have a great weekend everybody! I'm going to help Mom and Dad put the Christmas decorations up and probably do a lot more sleeping.


Peanut said...

Oh I'm so glad your back. I've missed you. I was worried about you also. Sorry your mom is having family problems. My mom says she understands since she just had some problems with our dad's mom but she thinks it might be worse if it was your own mom. You can't go away for that long again.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

I am glad you are back too!

Not much been happening and nothing to report from Scotland.

Sorry to hear your Mum is going through a bad time.

Take care and belated Happy Thanksgiving, your friend Marvin in Scotland xxxxx