Friday, May 04, 2007


Even though I didn't get to participate in the Dogs With Blogs Chat because my stupid computer chose that day not to work, I still participated in celebrating. Here are pictures of our cheese and Sparkling Cider (Mom said we can't have any drunk puppies so we didn't get wine).

Mom says it's really hard getting a piture of us eating cheese because it's gone so fast. Sasha joined me in the celebration but Mom says she inhales cheese so there aren't any pictures of Sasha.
There are a lot of people around my house right now. I don't like it, but Mom says this happens every year so I have to get used to it. This weekend is the Music and Blossom Festival. I guess a long time ago there were lots of orchards around here and they would celebrate when the blossoms started coming out and they have a big parade and craft shows and a rodeo and a 5k race and school band competitions and a carnival and I'm sure I'm missing something. Mom and Aunt Cassie are going to go to the craft shows and the parade tomorrow. Dad doesn't want to go so I'm going to help him work on the Jeep. Mom wants to start selling her artwork at the local craft and art shows (cuz there's a bunch during the summer) so her and Aunt Cassie are going to go look to get some ideas on displaying Mom's artwork and when Mom gets enough money saved up, she's going to sell her art at them.
I have pictures of me and my new toy and some other pictures of me playing with Dad that I'll post next week now that the pictures are working again. I have to go read all the other dog blogs so when Dad gets home I can go help him.
Have a great weekend everybody!


Peanut said...

What kind of art does your mom do? Have a great weekend helping your dad with the jeep.

Tadpole said...

Cool - what does your mom do? Does she paint pictures of you and Sasha? ;-)

Can't wait to see the pics!