Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I forgot to tag 3 more dogs yesterday! There's so much going on right now! I think most everybody has been tagged. I asked Sasha for some help figuring out who to tag so of course we have some dachies on our list. I'm tagging Copper, Hershey (if he has time, Mom says new babies take up a lot of time), Hana and of course we need a lab on the list so I'm adding a 4th tag, Ranger. Here's the instructions for all of you that I'm tagging. Here's what you do, find pictures of you with your tummy in the air and post it and then tag 3 others to share their photos.
I have to get offline now in case the doctor's office calls to leave Mom a message about her surgery. They should be scheduling it soon. She didn't feel good at all this morning. She thinks a little of it might be nerves though. I'm taking really good care of her. I'm also practicing not sitting on her in the bed and on the couch. I know after she has the surgery, I have to be really really careful not to bump her and hurt her. Hopefully we'll find out today when she goes in for surgery.


tad said...

Aww - I love your belly shot, Kaos! My girl's Grammy had her gallbladder out about a year ago, and she feels SO MUCH BETTER! She said the pain goes away immediately and she was very happy she did it, even thought she was really nervous about the surgery. Hope everything goes well for your mom, and that you'll be very nice to her while she recovers!

Marvin The Dog said...

oooh I am having the same trouble finding dogs to Tag ,Lady Kaos, also Jeannie is having trouble taking a picture of my belly! I am apparently "not co operating". ha ha ha!

Good wishes to your Mama.