Monday, May 07, 2007

New Toy

Mom made the treats yesterday and I can't share the recipe with you because I don't want your moms to make something that disgusting for all of you. I like you all too much to do that! Mom said she'll play witht the recipe a little and she's sure she can make them better. I'm sure they can't get any worse!!! They were so bad I threw up!! I'm pretending that something else was bugging my tummy and that's why I puked all over the kitchen floor so Mom doesn't feel too bad about making something so disgusting. Sasha and I are eating them when Mom and Dad give them to us, but we never ask for one. We hope they go away soon so Mom will get us something good. She's really good at baking and making yummy stuff so we know this is rare and not completely her fault. YUCK!!
Since I don't have a yummy treat recipe for you, here's some pictures of me and my new toy. Mom says it was the best $2.97 they've ever spent. It's soooo much fun. It was supposed to be my new outside toy since I think someone stole my rubber stick and tennis balls, but it's so much fun it quickly became an inside toy. Here's a closeup picture of it. Although there's a lot less blue on one end now and there's a crack on the end with the missing blue.

Doesn't it look like a fun toy? Mom says it's hard to take pictures of me with it because it makes me zoom all over the house (or yard). Most of the pictures she took were really blurry or you could only see my tail. The squeeker in it wasn't working when Mom and Dad got it, but I can make it make a funny air noise that Mom says is WAY more annoying than a squeek. It's soooooo much fun!! Mom says it's really weird because it smells like lemonade. Mom says maybe that's to cover up my nasty breathe. Whatever, I don't care!! I'm going to go play with it somemore before Mom comes home to play with me. I'm going to get the taste of the toy in my mouth so hopefully when Mom gives me another treat, it won't taste so bad.


Peanut said...

Oh my that looks like a really fun toy. Sorry your mom made such awful treats. Hopefully she gets a good recipe and you can share it with us all.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Kaos,
That toy reminds me of my own red and yellow dumbbell!! Great fun to carry all around...good way to stay in shape too.
Sorry to hear about those baked treats..i guess your MOm had one of those off days where she couldn't bake something decent. hehe..

Tadpole said...

Hmmm... I've noticed that the food they make for THEMSELVES always seems to have better ingredients than the stuff they make for US....

Cool toy! Where did you mom get it? We're always looking for toys that can stand up to vigorous chewing! :-)

Ferndoggle said...

My Mom made these awful treats once that were just flour, eggs, chicken broth & yeast. I turned my nose right up at them...where's the liver, where's the peanut butter, where's the cheeeeesse??? She found some really great ones that she'll be happy to pass on to your Mom if she wants (and they're super EASY so she makes them all the time!)

Email her at

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