Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Very Bored

I have sooooo many pictures to show you, but Mom has to load them at work because the computer is still messed up and she's really far behind at work. She didn't even come home for lunch today! Dad had to take her lunch. Tomorrow she has a lucky pot thing at work again, but she said since Dad has to meet with some people at lunch, she'll come let us out for sometime.
Mom is doing better today. I curled up on the couch with her last night and cuddled even though it was too hot for cuddling. Dad cuddled with us, too. She's still a little sad, but nothing like yesterday. She said funerals always wear her out, that's why she only goes to funerals of people she knew really well and cared about a lot.
I told you yesterday that Mom doesn't get a long with a lot of her family. I've met Mom's mom a couple times and I really don't like her. When Mom's brother came over I let him know I didn't like him at all. I kept barking at him and my hair stood up even though Mom kept saying he was okay, I knew he wasn't. I knew that he wasn't a good person to my Mom so I had to make sure he knew not to mess with her. My Mom's mom seemed okay, but I still didn't like her very much either. Mom said that her mom hates labs because she thinks they're stupid dogs!!! Can you believe that? I'm really smart and so are a lot of labs I know!!! Anyway, my Mom and her grandma (her mom's mom) are reuniting this summer sort of and I can't wait! We're going to go visit Grandma Cheese and Aunt Cassie is going to try to come up for part of the week, but most of all I'm excited because my mom is going to reunite with family that her mom made mad years ago so she didn't hear from them much. Mom said she has 2 younger cousins that she's never met that she'll finally get to meet, too. Since Sasha and I are going, you know what that means? WE GET TO PLAY WITH THE KIDS, TOO!!!! The plans still aren't final, but I'm still excited about the trip, mostly for Mom. Dad's excited about meeting Mom's family for the first time, too.
There's a REALLY bad storm headed our way. They're saying to get away from the windows so I better go since the computer it right next to a huge window. Hopefully Mom will have pictures for me to share tomorrow.


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Kaos,
Please tell your Mom we know how hard it is to deal with family issues. But life is short so we all need to forgive and forget and also move on right? :) That upcoming family meeting looks to be really fun..lotsa kids to bug (erm i mean play) and probably lotsa of food too.
Can't wait for the pictures too!!
PS : You are right about my pictures..those are OLD pictures cos Mr Brown Bear still has his two legs! See, you definately are a smart lab!!

Marvin The Dog said...

Give your Mama another hug from us in Bonnie Scotland!

Labs are the best!

Hope your storm was not too bad, and we can see the pictures very soon!

love and lots of kind licks
Marvin in Scotland xxxxx

Peanut said...

Oh I'm glad your mom gets to see her grandma again. I would hate not seeing my grammie. Kids are so much fun I love mine.

Tadpole said...

Sorry about the family problems... they can be so difficult to work through. But I'm so glad there is some good news after the bad! And how AWESOME is it that you get to go along?!?! Kids always have lots of food that you can steal - I mean *share*!!

Hope nothing gets ruined in your storm!