Monday, May 21, 2007

Boring Weekend

This weekend wasn't very exciting. I tried to show Mom that I can take care of the litterbox for her, but instead she yelled and scarred the crap out of me. Doesn't she know that sound echoes in a litter box so if your head is in the litterbox and someone yells "HEY! GET OUT OF THERE!" your heart skips about 4 beats? Mom and I tried to vacuum, but it was clogged. Mom said it was clogged with my hair, but I reminded her I'm not the only one that sheds in this house. Sasha doesn't, but Gunnar keeps up pretty good with me, but because most of his is white and grey and my hair is black I got blamed because it was mostly black. When Dad came home he fixed it and Mom vacuumed and I made sure the vacuum didn't attack her. I chase the vacuum and bark at it until it stops making noise. Mom says it's not helpful at all. She just doesn't appreciate good help! Later Mom washed some blankets that had been on the bed for the winter and when she took them out of the dryer, she put them on the couch and was going to fold them to put them away for the summer. She decided to wait unil tonight to put fold them because she was really tired so while they went to the surgeon earlier I made a nest so I could show Mom that she doesn't have to worry about trying to get comfy after her surgery, I'd take care of that. She laughed and said it was a very good nest, but she's putting the blankets away tonight anyway.
Dad mowed the weeds again last night. He said he knew it needed to be done when he saw Sasha lift her leg to go potty. Everybody, but Sasha thought that was funny. Dad said there's a lot of grass that's trying to push the weeds out in the front yard. Now we just have to figure out how to make the grass spread in the back yard so I can play in the grass.
It looks like Mom will have her surgery on May 31, that's next Thursday. Dad said the doctor told him that we have to do everything for Mom for a few days. I volunteered to wash dishes! Gunnar volunteered to sleep and eat for her and Sasha volunteered to whine for her. I think we have all the important things covered.
It looks like there's another rain storm coming in so I'm going to get off the computer. The wind is blowing stuff against the house and I need to make sure it's really not someone trying to break into the house.


Peanut said...

My dear Kaos,
How could your mom scare you like that? That is an awful thing to do. I am so glad you are now my girlfriend.


Ferndoggle said...

Someone's got a boooyyfriend!! I think that kinda makes us related!

You're gonna do a great job playing nursemaid to your Mom, Kaos. She's gonna need lots & lots of therapy!


hana said...

It sounds like you are under appreciated there at your house!! I bet later after the surgery, they will appreciate you even more when you offer to help clean up the kitty litter box.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I am the only furry one in our house so it is always my fault when the vacuum cleaner is full.

You are very brave and very energetic to chase it, I usually jump on the sofa until all is finished.

Pippa (the vomiting one from The Bone Zone!)

Tadpole said...

Of course it's helpful to bark at the vacuum until it stops making noise! Otherwise it would do it all day long and take over the house! It's also very helpful to clean out the litter box; I don't know what your mom is thinking. I suppose you'll have to be kind to her, since her surgery is coming up though.