Friday, May 02, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Friday #4

The new computer comes Tuesday. It will be delivered to Mom at work and then Dad will load programs on it that night and HOPEFULLY Mom will leave it home and not take it to work on Wednesday so I can use that computer instead of this extremly old one (this computer is older than most of us dogs!!!). I can't wait! Mom finally got everyone's blogs put into our Bloglines account which is already making it easier to check in with everybody. With the new computer, that will be even more easier!!!!
Okay, here's the photo I was going to share with you last week, but couldn't because I was busy chatting with a bunch of very cool dogs. This photo is called "Inspiration." The reason is, because Mom took this on a rock crawling trip (my very first one). She loves taking scenery picture on our adventures so she took this picture and then was amazed at how cool it was. Mom told you about her mother last time and how mean she was to Mom. Well, Mom's step-father was also an artist and the mean lady wanted Mom to sell his artwork for him. Mom found a website that did nice prints of photos and paintings (, all you had to do was uplaod a good quality photo. Mom experimented with the site using this photo because she lovede it so much and new that someday a big one would be hanging in our living room (it is, but we couldn't get a good picture of it in it's frame because it has some weird glass in it to keep lights from glaring off it). Mom was showing the mean lady the website, but the mean lady started yelling at Mom because the picture wasn't one of her husband's paintings. Mom got so mad she started shaking. She sat there a few seconds,
closed the website, called Sasha and they went home with her Mom still yelling at her. Mom got angree as she was driving home, but then about halfway it all of a sudden hit her that what the mean lady was saying was messed up. Mom graduated from college 3 years previous with an art degree and hadn't touched her art supplies since she graduated because she had to keep doing stuff for her step-father. Why should she do that? He was in jail, she wasn't! Why should she be so focused on selling his art work when she was a good artist and had good stuff to show people, too? Mom went home, set up her website (Mom says I can share that with you after we get our new computer and she can finally work on it again - this computer hates mom, it's a funny story, but I'll tell you that next week) and never did anything for her step-father's art ever again. Of course that made the mean lady FURIOUS. That's when Mom started sticking up for herself. So, this photo inspired Mom to start working on her own artwork again. Like the white tiger, this piece of artwork has a special place hanging in our house in a place where Mom can see it and remembers how cool she is.
The reason I love this photo is because it was taken a few weeks after I was adopted and it was my very first camping and rock crawling trip. That was when I saved Mom from a bear (well, I thought it was a bear, it turned out to be a golden retriever - but we didn't know that!!), learned to swim, learned how to camp and met a cool guy named DeDe. There's a really cool picture of me and Dad together, but Mom isn't sure where the cd is with that picture on it. It's probably packed, but she didn't think so. If we find it, I'll be sure to post it cuz it's a PAWESOME picture.
This weekend is Music and Blossom Festival here in town which means there's a bunch of busses and kids over at the highschool which is across the street from my house. I have to go bark at them now. Even though Dad won't be home for 2 hours and Mom will be home in 3 hours, I have to make sure nobody blocks our driveway or walk through our yard. It's nice having a large window to stand in and bark at people that get too close to my yard. It scares them and they always go around. They think I'm going to break the glass and go eat them. Of course I'd never do that, but it's good they think that. Have a great weekend everyone!!


Gus and Louie said...

This inspiration photo is just awesome. We are already inspired.. Mom loves taking picture too. Mostly she has pictures of us..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

The Daily Echo said...

We are inspired to build a house on the tippy top of that bewootiful mountain! Good grrrl Kaos.....pretend you're a bully and scare everybuddy off of your property!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
The picture is beautiful! And sure has a great meaning for your mom!
good job making sure nobody comes near to your house!
Kisses and hugs

Moco said...

What a lovely photo. I can see why you would want it hanging in your house. Your mom has mutiple talents.

Abbey said...

I think the picture is gorgeous..I cant wait till summer and get chelsea camping...we are limmitted here on where we can go but she now has her own tent...Sounds like you had a ball on ur first trip...x

The Brat Pack said...

What a gorgeous picture! Your Mom has many talents...give her a kiss for us.


Molly and Taffy said...

Hello Lady K

Th photo is lovely and you have many happy memories associated with it we think that is great.
Happy weekend and hope you get your paws on the new laptop very soon.

Molly and Taffy

The Army of Four said...

BEAUTIFUL photo! Your mom does great work!
Play bows,

Penny & Poppy said...

Your mom does great work! That picture makes us want to go there!

Poppy & Pennny

Petra said...

Lady Kaos, your mom has so much talent! I love to look at all of the things she makes. The pictures is goegeous!

Hana said...

Wow, you're getting a new computer? My usual computer is not feeling well lately. I might get one too! And BLU and Comet got a new one recently! I guess this is the month for new computers.

About the mouse in the garage... when my Mom went to the hardware store to buy the traps, she asked to be shown the aisle for the mouse traps. The clerk took her to the correct aisle and pointed out the mouse and rat traps! My mom's jaw dropped when she realized the droppings in the garage could be RAT droppings! But, my mom was just happy to find out the droppings in the garage were just mouse droppings and NOT RAT DROPPINGS! Whew! She hopes she will find another mouse in the peanut butter sandwich tonight. Where there's one mouse, there are usually many..... unfortunately, the little tiny mouse she caught over the weekend looked like Girl Girl.