Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cold Sheets & Forgetting to Say Bye

Okay, Mom complains if I lay on the sheets in the bed because I get dirt in the bed so I try to stay on the blankets. Last night she got into bed and I was laying on the bed waiting for her and you know what she asked? "Kaos, why haven't you warmed up the sheets?" I have her the "you're kidding right?" look. She laughed and said "Oh yeah, cuz of the dirt." Silly Mom!
This morning I got confused. We did our normal morning routine except that when we came back in side, Mom wasn't where she was normally. I looked all over the house for her and looked outside. I thought there's noway she would leave without telling me bye! Dad couldnm't figure out what my problem was and gave us chewies and opened the door for me to see out. I couldn't see Mom's car because it was on the otherside of Aunt Cassie's and so I just knew Mom left without saying bye to me!! Dad made me go down the hall with him and he opened the bathroom door and there was Mom in the shower! I KNEW she wouldn't leave without saying bye to me!! Everything was okay so I got my chewie and layed in the living room just in case anybody else thought about leaving without saying bye to me.