Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom said that even though we can't go to Grandma's for Thanksgiving tomorrow, she'll come check on us and bring us something. She's not sure when she'll come thoughbecause it depends on what everybody is doing and if she can get a car out of the driveway.
This morning Mom decided Sasha isn't as smart as she thought she was. Instead of using the bench like we all thought she would use all the time, she barked for Mom to pick her up. She got cold and wanted up and then when the alarm went off signaling we can get up on the bed for a morning snuggle, she did it again. I sort of thought it was funny, but pretended not to care.
Monday night Mom made some pecan pies (I cleaned up the floor for her like everytime she bakes) and then last night she baked rolls, tonight she said she has to make 2 more pecan pies! I guess the first 2 were for Aunt Gillian and Aunt Cassie. Last night the bread smell was making me really hungry. When she took them out of the oven though Mom and Dad gave us a little piece and WOW!!! They were yummy!!! Instead of bringing us something tomorrow, she should just leave those here!!! Dad really liked them, too which meant we didn't get very big pieces from him.