Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gunnar's Scratching Post

Mom and Dad think it's cute when Gunnar hugs his scratching post. Personally, I don't get it. It's this thing covered in carpet by his food dish. I don't think they realize he uses it to sharpen his claws! If they got rid of the post then Mom wouldn't have to clip his nails! Mom says she's never had a cat who's nails got so long. If she hasn't cut them for awhile then they get so long that he has trouble walking and he clicks on the hardwood floors. It's funny, he'll be walking and all of a sudden get stuf to the carpet. They still let him scratch on the post though. Mom says its so he wont' scratch the furniture. Not exactly sure how that works though. He likes to lay on it and wrap his arms around it like he's hugging it. Mom says he's really cute from the other angle, but she can never get a picture of him from the other side because he doesn't like his picture taken. He doesn't know that if Mom's taking your picture, you're being good and you better stay being cute for her so later when you're being bad she can look at those pictures and remember when you were cute and won't get as mad.

There's only a few days left before we leave!! I can't wait!!!!! It doesn't look like my boots are going to be here in time which is a bummer, but I'll just have to be really careful. Dad and I have a lot to do on Thursday before Mom and Aunt Cassie get off work. Grandma is going to come feed Gunnar and Mom's fish so if my boots come after we leave, Grandma will take care of them. Hopefully they'll come on Thursday though and I can spend the day getting used to them and I'll have them for hunting. I CAN'T WAIT!! Mom asked me if there's anything else I want to pack and as long as I have my hunting rope, chewies and treats I'll be okay. She packed some toys too to keep Sasha entertained and in case I get bored at night (I plan on sleeping though). I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. He's really going to miss me!