Friday, November 24, 2006

Pumpkin Pie is YUMMY!!

Yesterday was kind of boring. Dad came and checked on us a couple times, but he didn't bring us anything because he said the food wasn't finished yet. So we were pretty bored. They came home and they had lots of yummy smelling leftovers and then they went to feed a friend's cat and I couldn't help it! I helped myself to some pumpkin pie. This cat doesn't live very far from us so they came home pretty quick and I felt bad and had my guilty look. If I hadn't, they probably would have never known because it took Mom a long time to find it. I went straight to the kennel and stayed for a while. I didn't whine at all because I knew I was bad. Then dad decided to put up Christmas decorations since he's going hunting this weekend and won't be around to help and he decided we all needed to be together while the decorating was going on so he let me out and I joined the sniffing of the boxes and the stuff coming out. They got the tree up and some of the decorations. Then we shut the lights off and all cuddled up and watched the lights blink and listened to music. The lights started to bother me after awhile and so Sasha and I went to bed. mom and Dad werwe really tired so they came to bed soon after that and Gunnar was tired from all the box sniffing he didn't even make a bunch of noises before he decided to come to bed. When the alarm clock went off this morning, nobody moved for a long time until my bladder started hurting.
Mom has been working on her website a little today and she said she needs to stop waiting so long to do that because the website she uses to work on her website has changed and she had to refigure things out. Since she worked so hard on it, be sure to check it out: Hilary's Designs.