Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Not A Lap Dog

Saturday I was home with Mom all day and we were pretty lazy, but Sasha and I spent a lot of time outside. Well, Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch and I wanted to get up with themm. I ended up laying across Mom's lap. I guess I was more tired than I thought I was because I was totally out. Mom said she kept tring to wake me up so she could move her leg. I guess I was laying there for almost 2 hours!! I didn't wake up until Dad decided it was time to go outside and then I Mom and Dad finally woke me up. I went outside and then curled up beside Mom on the couch and when it was time to go to bed I went straight to my bed instead of curling up with Mom for awhile. Mom said I don't make a very good lap dog, but obviously she makes a very good lap bed because I was very comfy. Her and Dad were both rubbing my ears and petting me which made it really easy to go to sleep like that.
Dad ordered my boots but it doesn't look like they're going to get here in time. I'll just have to try to becarful. Pheasant season doesn't start until Saturday so on Friday we're going to go look top see if we can find where they're hiding and we can hutn for rabbits that day. I can't wait!!! Mom packed our stuff and has started getting her stuff ready. She charged all the batteries in the camera and is ready to take some cool pictures of us. Dad has the guns ready and all the camo and orange stuff ready. OH Dad ordered me orange boots. He thought about the camo ones and if one comes off while we're hunting an orange one would be easier to find than a camo. That's okay, Blaze Orange is my favorite anyway.
Dad is off Thursday and we leave Thursday night. I don't think I'll post Thursday because I have to help Dad get everything ready. I have to make sure he doesn't forget anything. Sasha won't help because she had to have a bath yesterday for the trip and now she's mad. I wanted Mom to take a picture of Sasha after bath so I could show you how funny she looked but Sasha went and hid under the bed until she was dry so we couldn't get the picture of her. maybe next time. Anyway, she's mad so she isn't helping with anything she says. As long as the treats and her bed are packed, she says she doesn't care what else goes.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. He's going to go almost all weekend without me picking on him so I have to make sure I pick on him now to make up for it. I'll post again tomorrow. I have some funny pictures of Gunnar I want to show you.