Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It snowed!

Last night when we went to go outside for the last time it was snowing a little bit and then this morning when we went outside there was lots of snow! It was great! I love the snow! I love to run in it. I always loose my toys in in though. I never did find my stick or my outside rope. Dad said not to worry, they're still out there.
Yesterday, Dad was off from work and spent all day with me. We put up the rest of the Christmas decorations and got the fire going really warm for Mom and Aunt Cassie (they get cold a lot). Gunnar really liked the fire, too. He likes laying in front of the fireplace a lot. Mom took a picture of him the last time we had the fireplace going. Isn't he funny?
I can't wait for Christmas! I've been trying to listen to see what Mom and Dad are getting us. I really hope I get a new bone because last year's bone isn't as fun any more. I need a new bed, too though and of course we all need new toys and our very own bag of Shmakos would be great. I CAN'T WAIT!!