Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Back!

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days. It took me 2 days to recover from this weekend. I had a BLAST!! Dad said we're going again next month and I can't wait!! We didn't get anything this time because it was too windy. I have some funny stories and Mom took a bunch of pictures of us.
The frist day we really couldn't hunt because the season didn't open until Saturday, but we did some scouting and I got to chase rabbits. Saturday we went out a little later in the morning because Dad wasn't feeling very good. That was okay because I got to play with Cinnamon a little (she's a rescued dog too and has a type of hound in her I have no idea how to spell). Dad and I went out for a little while and I was working on flushing some birds. I was doing pretty good, but the birds kept flying towards the house so Dad couldn't shoot at them or they were the hen and Dad said he's not supposed to shoot at them. I tried to convince him that nobody would ever know, but he said no. I just really wanted him to shoot the gun. After awhile I was doing some more flushing and all of a sudden there was an animal I didn't know what it was! I don't think it knew what I was either. We were both very surprised. I flushed it just in case Dad wanted to shoot at it. He said it was a deer. He'd already gone deer hunting this year. That's were he went when I had to protect the house. Now I know what he's doing when he goes on those trips. Anyway, I chased it a little bit, but Dad called me back and we went back to work. A little bit later I chased something else I didn't know what it was. I have to remember never to do that again. Dad said it was called a "tumble weed." Not exactly sure what they're for or what they do, but chasing them is a little fun, but catching them is bad. The taste really bad and they have pointy things that hurt my mouth.
We went back to the house and had lunch and then went out for a little bit longer. This time I flushed a good pheasant Dad could shoot at and he didn't!! Cuz he had to duck! I laughed because it was really funny watching the pheasant almost hit Dad in the head. We went back to the house when it started getting cold and everybody went out to eat that night. Dad said there were some other pheasant hunters at the restaurant and they were all having a hard time too because of how windy it was. Dad was sure they didn't have a good hunting dog like me to help them out. I slept really good that night and didn't even wake Dad up until almost 8 am! We had breakfast and then went out for awhile and I flushed another hen and then went back to the house so Dad could pick some of the stickers and cactus out of my feet. He kept saying that next time that won't be a problem because I'll have my boots (ummm, we'll see about that - that's tomorrow's post). Then we went back out and Mom came with us this time!!! She wanted to take pictures of me hunting. Too bad there weren't any birds when she came with us, but I showed her what I'd been doing and she was amazed at how good I was. I would start to go one way and then Dad would whistle and point in a directin and I'd go that way. Mom said I was a very smart dog. She even took a cool picture of Dad and I. We took Mom back to the house a little later and started getting stuff ready to go home. The entire ride home I slept good. Mom had to wake me up when we stopped in Limon so I could stretch my legs. I was very happy to be home and had to check out my back yard a few times and then once everybody had settled in I curled up in my chair and slept and then went to bed and slept.
Gunnar was happy we were home so I did have to play with him a little when we got home, but I was too tired to play very much. He was crazy when we got home. His tail fluffed up and he was running around making weird noises for a long time. Dad told him it was time for bed, but he was too hyper so we all went to bed and tehn Gunnar got bored being by himdlef so he came to bed too.
I can't wait until next month!!

Dad getting the stickers out of my feet. I'll tell you the boot story tomorrow.