Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Guard Dog

Okay, there weren't as many people last night as ther were last year and there weren't very many cute little kids. It was mostly middle school and high school kids. Mom said she was sad she didn't get to see little kids last night. The boys and Cara did come over though and at first I didn't recognize them and then all of a sudden I realized who it was and felt bad so I gave them all kisses. I didn't recognize them in their outfits. One was a ninja and he had a mask over his face so I really didn't like that, the one that was supposed to be an indian was actually a dracula type thing and then the girl was a witch with spider stuff printed on her dress. They were pretty cute. I was glad when the bell stopped ringing. I slept really good last night because I was so tired. Tonight Grandma's coming over for dinner. I've had a bunch of visitors this week! I'm going to go rest up now.