Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Now Dad's Hurt!

Dad was working on a Jeep for a guy this weekend and he cut his finger really bad. Mom wasn't feeling good because she started some new medication and helping Dad clean his hand made her feel worse. She was supposed to have the room for Aunt Cassie ready over the weekend, but after that, she curled up on the couch and I curled up under her on the floor. Dad cleaned out his cut and put a big bandaid on it and then went back to work on the Jeep. Mom agreed with me that he should have taken a break. I would have made sure he was taking a break, but I needed to stay inside with Mom to make sure she was okay. It was tough making sure everyone was okay all weekend. Finally, Sunday Dad used the big brown bottle on his finger. Obviously my cut was better because he didn't even act like it hurt him. He did it again last night and same thing! He said his is started to heal pretty good, but Mom thinks that's just because he doesn't want to go to the doctor.
Mom's also been making sure the spare bedroom door is shut tight so we can't get into stuff in the spare room. Gunnar gave our secret away that we could get in there. He spoiled the fun for everybody! I got it open today though. She said she's going to try to finish the room tonight and from looking at the mess, it looks like I'm not going to get much attention from mom tonight. There's stuff everywhere! She's feeling much better now so maybe she'll be able to do it. I'll help her as much as I can. I'll make sure Gunnar stays out of the way, too.
Mom will be home in an hour so I better make sure I can get the door to shut.