Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sasha The Hunting

Yesterday when Mom let us out at lunch I caught a squirrell that fell off the wire and then Sasha got it from me. Mom called us in and at first couldn't figure out what Sasha had in her mouth. Mom didn't know I had anything to do with the squirrel so shhhhhh! Anyway, when Mom figured out what it was she started yelling at Sasha to drop it. Sasha wanted to take it in the house really bad, but Mom didn't want her to. I don't blame her! It's a dead animal! I'm all about going hunting, but I don't like dead animals in my mouth! Mom kept yelling at Sasha to drop it. Mom forgot I'm the one that drops things when told....most of the time. Sasha wouldn't drop it so Mom smacked her butt and she dropped it and Mom used her foot to block Sasha from the squirrel and scooted her into the house. Sasha really wanted to get it so I followed right behind her and while Mom moved it away from the doorway I made sure Sasha didn't get out. Mom called Dad and he came home a few minutes later to get rid of it real quick so it wasn't there when she let us out after work. We searched the yard for it when Mom let us out but we couldn't find it. Sasha was really upset, but Mom was glad it was gone. Mom still won't let Sasha give her kisses. That's okay, it gives me more chances to give Mom kisses. Mom said she saw Sasha eating poop before she left for work so the squirrel sort of made it official that Sasha's tongue wasn't allowed near anybody for awhile. Mom says she doesn't understand why the prissy dog is the one with gross stuff in her mouth. I guess being prissy doesn't mean you're very smart.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now before Mom gets home.