Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Friday was AWESOME!

Dad took me bird hunting Friday and I had lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of fun!!!! We went on a drive that wasn't too far and we parked and I got out and started sniffing around and then we walked a little ways and guess what I saw! A CREEK!!!!! It wasn't a very deep creek so I couldn't go swimming, but I layed in it and rolled around. It was a blast!! Then I had to get back to work. I walked aroudn with Dad for awhile. There were a bunch of squirels running around and they were starting to annoy me so I chased one. After a couple minutes I realized Dad was going to be mad at me. Dad finally found me and yelled at me and said he was glad to see me. I guess for awhile he thought I was gone gone. I sort of didn't know where I was so it's agod thing Dad did find me. Dad still doesn't know what I chased. The squirels didn't annoy me anymore after that because they saw me chase their friend off. Well, when we started abck to the truck so I could get somethign to drink Dad saw a bear paw print on top of one of his. It was a small young bear, but still not good. We weren't having any luck in that spot anyway so we got in the truck and moved to a different spot. I really want to rest after the chase, but Dad told me no way. we got out at the new spot and walked for awhile and dad shot at 3 birds and got 1. I went over to is and stood by it so he knew where it was. He put it in the bird bag and we went to find some more. We couldn't find any so Dad decided to do some training. He threw the bird and told, me to fetch it. I knew he wanted me to bring the bird to him instead of staying by it and I tried a couple times. Have you ever had a dead bird in your mouth? I know I'm a dog and I lick my own butt and everything, but I do not like dead birds in my mouth! They're yucky and they feel funny. The other times I went and say by the bird and once I layed down to show Dad where it landed, but I was really tired.
On the way home I tried to get comfortable in the truck but really couldn't because I was so tired. Then Dad turned the air conditioner on and it blew right on me and I fell asleep until we got back to town and went to tell Mom we were home. She was happy to see me, especially after Dad told her I almost got lost. I told her hi and I loved her and then curled up back on my seat. I slept good the rest of the afternoon and the next day.