Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We Went For A Ride

Last night Mom and Dad loaded some boxes into the truck and I was a little nervous. I don't like moving and it looked like that's what was going on. Sasha told me not to worry, her and Mom have moved a lot and there's a ton more boxes involved. Sasha was right. Mom had cleaned out the spare bedroom for Aunt Cassie to stay in and needed a spot to store the boxes so Grandma said she could store them in her basement and Sasha and I got to go when they took them over!! I ran all over Grandma's yard and sniffed everything. Sasha started to run off towards the road and didn't come when she was called so she had to go on the leash but I didn't! After the boxes were in the house we got to go inside and we ran all over the upstairs. We didn't go in the basement though. We don't like the stairs. They're too slippery. After a fe minutes of talking to Grandma we had to go home. This time I got to ride in the back up on the deck. I put my head through the window to sniff the air, but Dad was afraid I would get my nose stuck or squished if the cab and the back cover flexed funny. I still had fun. I love riding anywhere in the truck!!