Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good Puppy Vibes!!!!!

I need everybody out there to send out good puppy vibes for my cousins. The brother (Bruitis) gets out and of the yard and yesterday he made a hole in the fence and him and Bailey and Dakota got out! It was really snowey and cold last night. My aunt is really really worried about them. I have a feeling she is going to ahve to find a new home for Bruitis because he's not being a good dog. It's warmer to day and Bruitis usually shows up at home so hopefully they will come home today so my aunt won't have to worry about them anymore. Send lots of good puppy vibes please!! Here is a picture of Dakota and Bailey. Bailey is one of my best friends! I love playing with her! I hope they come home soon!!!!!
Last night Mom was very sneaky! I was on the couch with her and Gunnar was on the couch because he wanted to lay on the fuzzy blanket near the firepalce. The way we were laying, it looked like Gunnar and I were cuddling. We weren't!!! Mom got up really quit and went over to the camera and started to take our picture. Then I realized what was going on so I jumped off the couh really quick. I didn't want that picture used as blackmail!!!!! I have to keep an eye on her - she thinks she's so sneaky!
I'm going to go back to sending out more good puppy vibes to my cousins. Dad is off today, but he had to run to work real quick to talk to someone. Hopefully I'll have good news later.

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