Thursday, March 22, 2007

Busy Evening

I had a very busy evening last night. First, Mom went outside and threw my rubber stick for awhile. Then, Grandma came over to pick some stuff up and to have dinner and then we went outside and the neighbors were outside playing catch and I stole one of their tennis balls! Then one of the girls came over and threw the ball for me for a really really really long time! IT WAS GREAT! Mom tried to get my picture, but she said I was too fast. I even showed off a little. I did my sit and stay trick. The neighbors were really impressed cuz their dogs don't do any tricks! Can you believe they don't even know how to sit?!?! How do they get treats if they don't sit? If Mom or Dad get near the treat jar, I sit immediately to save time! After the little girl went home, we went inside and I was really hot. Mom must be psychic because as soon as I got to the water dish and started drinking she said "NO swimming!" How did she know I was going to do that? I was so hot I layed in the hallway for awhile because it has hardwood floors. I was so tired frrom all the fetching, I layed on the floor by Mom's feet and I slept. Dad had to wake me up when it was time to go outside!
I LOVE playing with kids! Mom and Dad should get me some!


hana said...

Hi Lady Kaos!! Thank you for saying hello to me on the DWB discussion group. For some reason I have yet to run into you, even though you have been blogging for a while. Well, HELLO and glad to meet you!
~Hana the Dog

Peanut said...

Kids are the best. I really love my two. Well except when my boy is calling me a dumb dumbie head. But hey he's 6. Sounds like you had tons of fun and how do you swim in your water?