Friday, March 09, 2007

Broccoli Is NOT For Dogs!

This is a very important message for all you dogs out there. DO NOT EAT BROCCOLI!! It doesn't matter if it has cheese on it or not, it is still bad for dogs. Not bad like chocolate is bad for us, bad as in it makes your tummy all funny. Tuesday night Mom made some for dinner and Dad dropped some on the floor and I picked it up. That night my tummy was all rumbly and the next day Mom kept complaining about my broccoli farts. Yesterday at lunch Mom dropped a piece and Sasha got it. I didn't even try to go for it - I knew better! Sasha was really glad when Mom showed up after work. She had to go outside REALLY bad! So if anybody else has messy parents like I do - LEAVE THE BROCCOLI ON THE FLOOR!!! Trust me!!!

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