Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bed Rest

I was on bed rest yesterday. Monday night when Mom and Dad got home from work, my tail was hurting and I couldn't get comfortable laying down or sitting. I couldn't figure out why and then as the night went on I was in a lot of pain. Dad noticed I wasn't holding my tail up when I wagged and then Mom found the swelling on my tail and my left hip. It hurt a lot. I have no idea what I did. It just all of a sudden hurts really bad. Dad gave me some magic cheese that made me feel better, but I still hurt a lot. I couldn't get comfortable and I hurt a lot. I was in so much pain, I kept whining. I got to sleep in the big bed which made Gunnar mad because that's where he sleeps. Throughout the night I would wake up and need massaged. That made it feel a little better. In the morning I was a little better, but I still hurt a lot. Dad gave me more magic cheese and I went back to the bed. Mom kept coming and checking on me while she was getting ready for work. Mom and Dad were really tired from being up with me all night and so was I. I finally sprawled out on the bed and got comfy. Right before Mom left for work, she told me to stay in bed and relax all day. She told Sasha that she had to protect the house so that I could get some rest. I slept really good and then it was almost time for Mom and Dad to come home for lunch so I went into the living room to greet them. Mom was very happy to see me greeting her. I was outside when Dad came home, but I greeted him,too when I came back in. Mom was very excited to watch me outside. The night before I couldn't cross the yard without having to sit down 4 times. I went out did my business, did a small fence check and then came back in. I let Sasha take care of all the birds and the rest of the fence check. I went back to the bed for the rest of the afternoon and when Mom came home from work I needed some petting. I layed on the floor right below the couch and Mom layed on the couch and Mom petted me in all the right spots. I took a small nap and then when Dad came home I was ready to play. Dad said I still had to be careful because there was still some swelling and I still wasn't holding my tail right so I settled for some more petting and massaging. Sasha is extremly jelous of me and I think it's hilarious!
Mom and Dad said I could sleep in the big bed again, but I decided I'd try my bed. We didn't sleep very good the night before so we needed a good nights sleep. I was able to finally get comfy in my bed and fell right to sleep until the alarm clock went of. I'm feeling even better today. The swelling on my hip is going down and I'm not as sore. Dad said I don't have to go to the vet now since I'm getting better (WOOHOO!!). I still can't play really hard and I'm still eating magic cheese, but I feel tons better! I tried t convince Mom to stay home with me this morning, but she said she couldn't and I should go relax. Mom and Dad are going look at my tail tonight if I will let them touch it to make sure that it's just swolen and not a cyist or anything else bad. It's been too sore to let them touch so hopefully they'll be able to check it out tonight to give a definate no on going to the vet.
I'm going back to the big bed now for some more rest. Thanks everybody for your comments on Dakota. My aunt is doing pretty good, but she says my cousin Bailey misses her playmate a lot.

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Peanut said...

Oh my I am glad you get magic cheese and are feelign a little better. Just rest a lot