Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Mom Was Outsmarted By The Cat!

I don't usually post on the weekend, but this HAS to be posted today. Mom is outside fighting with the bushes so I decided to hop on real quick and tell you this HILARIOUS story! I'd be totally embarassed if Gunnar (my little cat brother) outsmarted me like that!
Okay, this morning Mom, Sasha and I were doing our normal sleeping in on a Saturday Dad works and Gunnar was doing his normal bug everybody that's in bed thing he does EVERY morning. He does this thing where he reaches up and smacks the window. During the winter, Mom and Dad keep the blinds down and closed so it makes a lot of noise when the blinds smack against the window and it's EXTREMLY annonying. Well, Mom started keeping the squirt bottle in the bedroom for these times when we want to sleep in and Gunnar is being a major pain in the neck. Mom squirted him once and he ran off, then he came back 2 more times and then he ran off and we thought that was going to be it. Mom had the bottle on the edge of the bed and I was laying at the bottom of the bed and Sasha was up by Mom's chest (between Mom and the squirt bottle). Gunnar jumped up on the bed and sat behind Mom for awhile. We all thought he was going to come up and lay down, too. NOPE! (This is the funny part!!) He jumped over Mom missing Sasha, swung his butt towards the bottle, made sure the bottle hit the floor and then jumped back over Mom and ran off. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!! HE DID IT ON PURPOSE!!! A few minutes later he came back in slapped the window once just out of spite and then came up on the bed with us for awhile longer. Mom decided right after that, that it was time to get up and get things done. I still can't believe she was outsmarted by the cat. When Dad came home for lunch Mom told him the story and he thought it was pretty funny, too. I think Mom has decided it was, too.
Later, Mom got me. About this time a year and once during the summer, Mom takes her house plants outside and adds dirt to them or replants them if they need it and then gives them a good soaking of water to clean the dust off and soak up their roots real good and then lets them enjoy the sun for a couple hours and then brings them inside. Well, she was almost out of water in the water jug and I was up on the porchminding my own business and she poured water on me! I was surprised at first and kind of mad, but then I realized it was fun water and I ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran all over my yard. So much for the bath last weekend! I'm really tired now. When Mom goes out to bring the plants back in in a little while, I'm going to go with her and help again. After she gets the plants in, she'll have to clean the dirt off the deck with WATER!! She said if it wasn't too big of a pain right now, she'd get the hose out. Dad hasn't gotten the hoses out for spring yet though so she'd have to first find them and then try to get them out of their winter storage spot and then try to hook them up and then afterwards, put them away because we're still supposed to be getting snow again pretty soon. She says for now it's easier to just carry buckets out for now. I REALLY like being sprayed with the hose, but, buckets are fun, too. She said she would put water in my outside water dish wo I can put my feet in it. I love this weather!!!!!
I'm going to go take a quick nap now while Mom finishes a few things in the house and then it's back outside! Tomorrow Dad is cleaning out the garage some more which means I get to be outside most of the day tomorrow, too!!! This is a GREAT weekend! Hope everybody else is having a great weekend! OH! and those of you that have cat brothers and sisters, be sure not to tell them about my brother, you wouldn't want to give them any ideas - even though it was really funny to watch!!

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