Monday, March 05, 2007

The Couch Ate My Hothog!

On Sunday, Dad was giving us pieces of hotdog and Gunnat dropped is and it went under the couch. Sasha and I were going crazy trying to get it. Mom couldn't figure out what we were doing and she tried finding it and sh coudl find it. So then Dad lifted the end of the couch up and Mom and I got under the couch and looked and we couldn't find it. The only explanation is the couch ate it!!! Mom says Gunnar must have tricked us into thinking he dropped it down there. That definately can't be the real explanation!
Mom came home for lunch and said there was a postcard for Sasha in the mail. I was jelous until I found out it was from the vet. It's time for Sasha's shots (hehehehe). I had my shots last year so I'm good for awhile. I'm going to have fun teasing Sasha that it's time for her to go to the groomer AND the vet!
I'm off to take a nap now since there's nothing for me to stress about (except for maybe the hotdog eating couch).

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