Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Chair

From your comments on the monster it looks like it could have actually bitten me!!! I'm a little nervous today. I saw another one attached to Mom's head this morning. This one looks old and weak though. Hopefully nothing will happen with this one.
Last night I slept really good. Dad got my rope out and Mom and Dad played fetch with me for awhile and then I took it to bed with me. Mom says they should let me sleep with my rope every night! Sounds good to me!!! Mom and Dad put it away once in awhile because I start tearing it up and then there's little strings all over the house. This way it stays together longer and I can play with it more and not have to wait for Christmas or my birthday for a new one.
Okay, now about the chair. This weekend Mom said she wanted to get rid of the chair that we use because it's kinda gross and it makes the room kind of crowded. This is what happened when Gunnar found out Mom wants to get rid of the chair. He decided he was going to hold it down. Since he's a big cat and can give dirty looks, he decided he was going to make it his mission to keep the chair. He's also mad at Mom because he clipped his nails this weekend. (I love Mom for that!!!) Gunnar and I tried to remind Mom of all the times she's told us how cute we were in the chair. I told her that I use the chair a lot in my guard duty routine. The chair is in a perfect spot for me to look out the window. It's also in a perfect spot for Gunnar to sit and look out the front door when people walk in and out. He likes to feel the breeze and since he doesn't even think about trying to get out (he's afraid to go outside) it's a good place for him to enjoy the breeze without getting stepped on. When people come over, the front door is a crazy place to be because Sasha and I get so excited about people being here to see us.
This morning Gunnar and I convinced Mom that we do use the chair a lot. Sasha was focussed on showing Mom that she uses the bed a lot so she didn't join us. (We tried telling her that they aren't going to get rid of the bed!) We even told Mom that we would use it at the same time and be nice to each other. Plus it's a good place to put the blanket I use in the living (it's the scooby blanket you see in the picture) and if the chair is there, the bones are usually under the chair or right beside it so Mom and Dad don't step on them (see one there on the floor in front of the chair).
So everything is ok with the chair and I can focuss complety on the monsters now. I'm still not sure where they come from. I'm not coming up with anything in my internet research that's helpful. I must be using the wrong search words. I'm not giving up though! Especially since there's been 2 sightings in 1 week! I'm hoping this one doesn't attack tonight. I really want to play with my rope some more tonight. If any of you have any advice on the monster thing please let me know. From the comments left so far, it sounds like things could get much worse.

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Luckie the Dachie said...

That chair looks mighty comfortable. :) I hope you get to slay all those horrid monsters....*shudders*