Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Tail

Did you know there's a condition called "Happy Tail?" I had no idea!!! Mom was talking to a guy she works with yesterday about my tail and he said he had a lab that had "Happy Tail." You can actually break your tail from wagging it! The guy said his dog broke her tail 3 times from Happy Tail. Dogs can either hit it on something or not and it can break. He said his dog hit her tail on a board on the porch the first time and the next 2 times it was in that same spot and she was just wagging her tail. Mom and Dad said my tail isn't broke, but they think it's simialr. Dad said he was watching me come in the back door the other day and I hit the doorway in about the same spot. Mom said when Sasha and I argue over who gets to go out the door fist, I usually hit my left him on the same doorway. So they're thinking that I suffer from Happy Tail! Who knew!?!?!?!?
Grandma is coming by at lunch so I have to go take a nap so I'm ready when she gets here. Watch out for Happy Tail everybody, well except for those of you that have tails like Peanut.

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Toby said...

Wow - that sounds dangerous! My tail is always wagging...I'll have to be a careful pup! :)