Friday, March 23, 2007


First I want to send out good puppy vibes to the Brat Pack. They lost Dakota this morning. It's really hard loosing a family member, especially one loved as much as I know Dakota was. I just lost my cousin Dakota not long ago and even though I never met her, loosing her was hard, too.

Okay, know to tell you about today! First Dad is off today. A little after Mom left for work Dad took us for a ride in my Aunt Cassie's Jeep! I LOVE JEEP RIDES! Last night Dad told me we were going to get to go with him so I kept trying to get the leash of the hook this morning to remind him. He laughed and said I was way too smart! So we drive for awhile and then we pull up in front of the groomers. Sasha and I went in and they trimmed my nails and gave me a cookie and I was done. I only have soft dirt to run in so my nails don't file down on their own like they should. I don't mind going to the groomer. Last time I got a tennis ball! Sasha had to stay there. It made me nervous leaving her there. I know Mom and Dad would never give us away, but when you've been left as much as I have, you still worry sometimes. Dad and I went to visit my friend Chuck. He's the guy I get up early with when we're camping for a morning cup of coffee (he drinks the coffee and I fetch sticks for him to throw). I got to visit him at work and everybody he works with told me how pretty and smart I am. After we left there, Dad and I stopped and got some hamburgers. I had to wait to eat my hamburger because I had to share with Sasha. We picked Sasha up and I split my hamburger with her and we came back home. Mom came home for lunch and threw the stolen tennis ball for me for awhile and babied Sasha for awhile. Sasha felt better without all the fur, but she still gets mad when she gets left at the groomer's so Mom has to baby her for a few days so she won't be mad at Mom anymore - I think Sasha just knows how to make Mom feel guilty. Then I went outside when Mom left and helped Dad with some yard work and then it started to rain so I came in the house and Dad went to work on cleaning the garage. I'm really tired now!
Peanut asked about how I swim in my water dish. I'll try to get Mom to take a picture of me swimming in my OUTSIDE water dish. Mom and Dad get really mad when I do it in the inside water dish. It's the best way to cool off when you don't have a swimming pool. Dad says we can't get a regular swimming pool because I'd be in it all the time and that'd be hard on the filters. I think he just doesn't want to mess with setting it up and taking it down every year. Once the yard grows Mom wants to get me a kiddie pool. If I had one right now then I'd track mud in all the time and she doesn't want that. If anybody has any advice on how to make the grass grow, please let me know ASAP! It's sort of growing in spots, not spots that are much help to me though - like the front yard and along the edges of the deck and walkway.
I better go now, Dad should be coming to let me back out since it stopped raining.
Have a good weekend everybody!


Peanut said...

We have no grass either. Mom says with us she doesn't think grass will ever grow. Hopefully your parents have better luck. I will be waiting for the picture of you swimming in your water dish.

PiratesGrrl said...

Thank you so much for thinking of us and the well wishes. We really appreciate it, more than we can say.

Maryann & The Brat Pack