Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Feeling GOOD!

I'm feeling soooooo much better! This is me this morning. I've been chasing my tail most of the morning and Mom caught me as I was stopping to get undizzy. See how the carpet looks stained off to the right near the blue thing. That's cuz I tried swimming in my water dish. I'm ready for summer!

I want to wrestle REALLY bad! Mom and Dad said I can't wrestle until my tail is up in the correct position. As you can see in this picture, it's not up yet. That's why I've been chasing it all morning. I've been trying to get it back in the correct position. It's still a little sore but most of the swelling has gone down. Dad is off work today so as soon as he gets back from running some errands, I'm going to try to convince him that he should wrestle with me.

I was also given the definate no on going to the vet last night. WOOHOO!!! I'm going to go work on my tail some more before Dad gets back. I can't wait to wrestle!!!!

1 comment:

Dory and Liza said...

We hope your tail is it it correct and upright position soon!!

Have a good weekend!!